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There are many reasons for people to require security services. Whether it be the accompaniment of a security guard, the employment of a mobile security patrol around premises, or assigning a keyholder to respond to triggered alarms, hired security can come in varying forms.

Here at Guards.co.uk, we provide exceptional nationwide security guard services. Covering the UK in its entirety, Guards.co.uk can offer up a wide range of guarding services for your event or service. Whether you’re seeking to protect a domestic residence that you believe is at risk, guard a commercial property that may be dealing with a surge in criminal activity in the area, or need to have the option of a rapid response service to any threats that may emerge aside from your day to day security needs, Guards.co.uk is the first-class choice of business to choose.

To get started, you can simply enter your postcode at the top of this page. Just a few of the main cities we serve to protect in the UK include Manchester, Leeds, London, Bristol, Leicester, Coventry, and Liverpool – among many others. So no matter where you are or what event you’re hosting, you can rest assured that effective and confident security guards can be deployed to protect you as, when, and how you need.

All of the security staff employed by Guards.co.uk are fully licensed and accredited, meaning that they have received all of the necessary training and certification to protect people and properties safely. Not only this, but 24/7 emergency protection is available, so you can have the confidence that help is employable no matter the time of day or night.

Our security guards can protect properties of any size and are an excellent option for any organisation seeking extra security.

  • Security Guards

    Security guards are a vital part of any security operation, and rightly so. By having boots on the ground you can investigate any threats with speed and adapt to constantly changing situations. Rather than having very few solutions to only select issues with a more remote solution, having security guards on hand means that you can have intelligent and adaptable protection against costly break-ins and vandalism. Our team are highly trained and have years of experience, so you won't experience any issues when you're trying to protect all of your well-earned properties.

  • Keyholding

    A keyholder is an incredibly useful service to have for your company for a range of reasons, primarily because a keyholder offers you a response to incidents before the police are able to attend the property. Keyholding means that security service, such as Guards.co.uk, are able to rapidly respond to intruders on the property, and you can rest assured that your keys are held to the highest standards. In our case, that means following ACS and BSIA best practice policies, which put us in the perfect position to respond to incidents in a way you deem to be suitable whilst retaining the security of your keys.

  • Manned Guarding

    Manned guards are an excellent way of protecting premises, from a large scale campus to a simple office building. Not only can a uniformed guard deal with any criminals that have negative intentions for your property, but the very presence of a guard will act as a deterrent to those that wish ill on your organisation. Our range of services means that your property will be protected 24 hours a day, and as the UK's leading independent manned security service provider, our highly experienced team of security professionals will be able to protect your property to the highest of industry standards.

  • Mobile Security Patrols

    For larger campuses, using a mobile security patrol can often be the only way for you to go about your business whilst feeling completely assured that your interests are secured. Patrols can either work independently or in alignment with an on-site security team in order to ensure that you receive the best security services possible and have 360-degree security on every inch of your property. Patrols routes are additionally changed regularly in order to guarantee that criminals can't notice patterns and breakthrough gaps in our security patterns. Every possible step has been taken to protect our clientele.

How can we help?

We are the UK’s leading independent manned security service provider, meaning that we have a wealth of experience and ability that has been built up through many previous operations on the behalf of our clients. Our security guards are licensed, approved and have gone through background checks in order to ensure that they won’t engage in any untoward behaviour that could possibly affect their role as a security guard.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of services, all of which can be tailored to offer a comprehensive and wide-ranging security service for you and your organisation. Smaller businesses may wish to use a keyholder, whereas a larger campus-based organisation would be more reliant upon roving campus patrols and manned guarding services. No matter what your specific needs, Guards.co.uk can ensure that these needs are met and you remain as safe as possible.

Our clients always come first, so when it comes to our services, you’re in charge. Whether you need 24-hour callouts, mobile patrols, or you have any other specific requests, just ask a member of our expert team and we’ll be sure to do what we can to accommodate your requirements.

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If you’re interested in a security guarding service anywhere in the UK and you won’t settle for anything but the very best, get in touch with Guards.co.uk today. We offer every one of our prospective clients a free quote so you can know exactly how much you’ll need to pay for a high-quality security system, and all of our services are highly tailored. Whatever your security needs may be, Guards.co.uk have the tools, experience and staff to make sure the job is done well.

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